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Decode and verify digital COVID-19 certificate against germany signer trust list public key

dev-main 2021-12-18 20:53 UTC

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Alpha version of digital COVID-19 verification implementation with php.


Via Composer

$ composer require grambas/dcc-verifier


This SDK is used in Demo API Project- which is also open sourced at grambas/dcc-verifier-api


This package implements Germany public trust list api repository. More about api - Open API specification


  • Decode and read EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate data (DCC) of vaccination, recovery or test (PCR, Rapid) subject
  • Validate DCC date of expiry
  • Validate DCC against authoritative signer signature
  • Use Germany trust list
  • Ability to use own trust list repository


    $trustListDir = '/tmp/de-trust-list'; // local dir for saving trust list json file

    // 1. Download / Update Germany signer trust list
    $client = new GermanyTrustListClient($trustListDir);
    // 2. Init existing trust list repository.
    $trustListRepository = new GermanyTrustListRepository($trustListDir);

    // 3. Init verfier with qr code content
    $qrCodeContent = 'HC1:...'
    $verifier = new DccVerifier($qrCodeContent, $trustListRepository);
    // 4. Decode & verify
    $dcc = $verifier->decode(); // get certificate info
    $verifier->verify(); // validate against signer signature
    // 5. Validate if Certificate (Vaccination, Recovery or Test) conforms  specific business rules for example if
    // fully vaccinated or test is negetive
    $isValid = $dcc->isValid()
    // 6. Check certificate validation date
    $validator = new DateValidator($dcc);
    $isValidForDate = $validator->isValidForDate(new \DateTime());

Of course validation steps 4. 5. and 6 can be checked independently and in your preferred order

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$ make test
$ make coverage


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