PHP tools for Google Cloud Platform

v0.13.0 2022-04-26 21:05 UTC



Add google/cloud-tools to the require-dev section of your composer.json.

You can also run the following command:

$ composer require google/cloud-tools --dev



The cli script src/Utils/Flex/flex_exec is a tool for running a command with using the same Docker image as the application running on App Engine Flex.

It spins up a Docker image of a Deployed App Engine Flexible App, and runs a command in that image. For example, if you are running Laravel application, you can invoke a command like php artisan migrate in the image.

If the Flex application is requesting the cloudsql access (beta_settings, cloud_sql_instances), this tool also provides the connection to the same Cloud SQL instances.

The command runs on virtual machines provided by Google Cloud Container Builder, and has access to the credentials of the Cloud Container Builder service account.


To use flex_exec, you will need:

  • An app deployed to Google App Engine Flex
  • The gcloud SDK installed and configured. See
  • The google/cloud-tools composer package

You may also need to grant the Cloud Container Builder service account any permissions needed by your command. For accessing Cloud SQL, you need to add Cloud SQL Client permission to the service account.

You can find the service account configuration in the IAM tab in the Cloud Console under the name [your-project-number]

Resource usage and billing

The tool uses virtual machine resources provided by Google Cloud Container Builder. Although a certain number of usage minutes per day is covered under a free tier, additional compute usage beyond that time is billed to your Google Cloud account. For more details, see:

If your command makes API calls or utilizes other cloud resources, you may also be billed for that usage. However, flex_exec does not use actual App Engine instances, and you will not be billed for additional App Engine instance usage.


src/Utils/Flex/flex_exec run -- php artisan migrate

Testing Utilities

There are various test utilities in the Google\Cloud\TestUtils namespace.

Test examples

The example test cases are available in test/fixtures/appengine-standard directory.

Environment variables

There are multiple environment variables to control the behavior of our test traits.

All Traits

  • GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID: The project id for deploying the application.
  • GOOGLE_VERSION_ID: The version id for deploying the application.


  • GOOGLE_DEPLOYMENT_DELAY: Number of seconds to wait after the deployment has been triggered before continuing to execute tests.
  • GOOGLE_KEEP_DEPLOYMENT: Set to true to keep deployed app in place after test completion.
  • GOOGLE_SKIP_DEPLOYMENT: Set to true if you want to skip deployment.
  • RUN_DEPLOYMENT_TESTS: Set to true if you want to run deploy tests.


  • LOCAL_TEST_TARGETS: You can specify multiple yaml files if your test need multiple services.
  • PHP_CGI_PATH: Path to php-cgi for running dev_appserver.
  • RUN_DEVSERVER_TESTS: Set to true if you want to run tests.