Symfony Bundle for electronic document signature with Docusign

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This Symfony Bundle is used to create electronic signature with DocuSign. An Electronic Signature ensure a person agreed with a document.

This bundle is coupled with FlySystem and can be with FlySystem Bundle to handle the files.


  • php ^7.2
  • simplexml php extension
  • curl php extension

Table of Content

  1. Bundle Installation
    1. Register the bundle
  2. Configure DocuSign
    1. Types of signatures
    2. Format restrictions:
    3. Add an integration key on DocuSign
  3. Configure the bundle
    1. Create a default signature configuration
    2. Testing configuration
    3. Document variations
    4. Multiple signature configuration
  4. Basic usage
    1. JWT consent agreement
    2. Inside a twig template
    3. Events
      1. Sign events
      2. WebHook events
  5. Customization
    1. Use the demo for testing
    2. Configure a custom storage
    3. Override configuration signature positions
    4. Using an external route as callback
  6. Use league/flysystem-bundle
    1. Installation
    2. Configure the storage
    3. Configure the signature

Code of conduct

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Please have a look to the contributing guide.

Backward Compatibility promise

This bundle follows the same Backward Compatibility promise as the Symfony framework: