A PHP CLI package that provides the developer with the means to generate PHP related files, like classes and .ini's, in a variety of different levels of both simplicity and complexity.

1.0.0 2017-01-02 06:28 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-13 16:45:56 UTC


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This is a PHP CLI package which provides some helpful functions that make creating PHP-related files easier and faster, whilst also maintaining strict visual file data continuity.



	$	composer require gavinggordon/helphp ^1.0.0


	$	php helphp create:class Test

Commands Overview

  • Create
    • Generic Class
      • Arguments
        • 'classname'
        • 'savedir'
      • Options
        • '--namespace, -n'
        • '--uses, -u'
        • '--extends, -e'
        • '--implements, -i'
        • '--traits, -t'
        • '--singleton, -s'
        • '--magic-set-get, -m'
        • '--constants, -c'
        • '--public-properties, -p'
        • '--protected-properties, -r'
        • '--private-properties, -w'
        • '--public-static-properties, -x'
        • '--protected-static-properties, -y'
        • '--private-static-properties, -z'
    • Abstract Class (Still In Production)
    • Interface (Still In Production)
    • Trait (Still In Production)
  • Review (Still In Production)
  • Update (Still In Production)
  • Delete (Still In Production)


If you have any issues at all, please post your findings in the issues page at https://github.com/gavinggordon/helphp/issues.


This package utilizes the MIT License.