Extending DateTime for Nette framework.

v2.0.0 2018-07-30 15:19 UTC


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Extend Nette\Utils\DateTime() for Nette framework

Package Installation

The best way to install Nette Calendar is using Composer:

$ composer require galek/nette-calendar

Packagist - Versions

or manual edit composer.json in your project

"require": {
    "galek/nette-calendar": "^1.0"


    use \Galek\Utils\Calendar;

    $date = new Calendar();

        echo "Today is workday :/";

        echo "Today is holiday :)";

// Easter
    echo "Easter of this year is: ".$date->getEaster();
    echo "Easter of 2020 year is: ".$date->getEaster(2020);
    echo "Easter Monday of this year is: ".$date->getEasterMonday();
    echo "Easter Big Friday of this year is: ".$date->getBigFriday();

    echo "Today or next workday:".$date->getWorkday()->format('d.m.Y');
    echo "Next workday:".$date->getWorkday(true)->format('d.m.Y');

// Something for e-shops ;)
    $date->setShippingTime(14, 20);
    echo "Date for shipping to some Hour and minute:".$date->getShippingDate()->format('d.m.Y');
     * $date->setShippingTime(14, 20);
     * $date->getShippingDate()
     * Friday 9:30 < 14:20 = Monday
     * Friday 14:30 > 14:20 = Wednesday (Monday send)
     * etc...


Learn more in the documentation and czech version of documentation.

Migration and changelog 1.x -> 2.x documentation and czech version of documentation.


This repository will be rewrite to for smallest repositories and will use more interfaces ;)