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3.0.2 2019-08-07 13:26 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-10 14:21:05 UTC


Teryt is Poland territorial division database available at http://eteryt.stat.gov.pl This bundle adds commands that download files from teryt API, parse xml files and insert data into database.


Add to your composer.json file following line

"require": {
    "fsi/teryt-database-bundle": "^3.0"

Register bundles in AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    return [
        // ...
        new FSi\Bundle\TerytDatabaseBundle\FSiTerytDbBundle(),
        new Doctrine\Bundle\FixturesBundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle(),
        // ...

Add following configuration:

        url: "https://uslugaterytws1.stat.gov.pl/wsdl/terytws1.wsdl"
        username: "<your username>"
        password: "<your password>"

From now commands should be available in your application.

Download XML files from teryt page

$ cd project
$ php app/console teryt:download:territorial-division
$ php app/console teryt:download:places-dictionary
$ php app/console teryt:download:places
$ php app/console teryt:download:streets

All above commands have an additional argument --target, that allows you to download files in a place other than "%kernel.root_dir%/teryt/ (default download target folder).

Import data from XML files to database

First you need to unzip the downloaded .zip files.

$ cd project/app/teryt
$ unzip territorial-division.zip
$ unzip places-dictionary.zip
$ unzip places.zip
$ unzip streets.zip

It is important to execute following commands in the given order:

$ cd project
$ php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force
$ php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load
$ php app/console teryt:import:territorial-division app/teryt/TERC.xml
$ php app/console teryt:import:places-dictionary app/teryt/WMRODZ.xml
$ php app/console teryt:import:places app/teryt/SIMC.xml
$ php app/console teryt:import:streets app/teryt/ULIC.xml