This extension provides integration with bootstrap_package to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.

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TYPO3 Extension "headless_bootstrap_package" - Provides TypoScript definitions for proper JSON output from EXT:bootstrap_package content elements and configuration

This extension provides integration for EXT:bootstrap_package with EXT:headless.

It provides TypoScript rendering definitions for all of EXT:bootstrap_packages ContentElements to output them as proper JSON.


This Extension requires:


The following table shows the compatibilty of this extension to the respective EXT:bootstrap_package versions.

BP 13.x BP 12.x
v2.x ✔️
v1.x ✔️

TYPO3 Installation

Install extension using composer
composer require friendsoftypo3headless/headless-bootstrap-package

and then, include TypoScript template, and you are ready to go.

Important: Do NOT include the Setup/Constants provided by EXT: bootstrap_package since they would interfere with the EXT:headless page config.

Instead please include the provided "Headless Boostrap Package: Boostrap Package Constants" TypoScript config in order to gain access to the EXT: bootstrap_package constants.

This extension adds a "bootstrapPackage" key to every JSON page reponse containing the EXT:bootstrap_package constants/config: BootstrapPackageConstants

It also merges the page.meta constants into the page.meta JSON array: pageMetaData


This Extension comes with a phpunit testsuite with functional tests for all content elements.
To run the tests simply use the provided composer script:

composer ci:test


A special thanks goes to TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG, which is sponsoring development of this extension.

Developers involved in the project