A client for Sylius APIs

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Via Composer

$ composer require friendsofapi/sylius-api-client


$apiClient = SyliusClient::create($endpoint, $clientId, $clientSecret);
$accessToken = $apiClient->createNewAccessToken($username, $password);
$allProducts = $apiClient->product()->getAll()


APIs are usually split into categories, called Resources. In your implementation you should also reflect these categories, for example by having their own classes in Api/. Let's take a look at Api/Stats in our case. The response of any call should be an object in Model/Stats/X, like Model/Stats/Total.


The end user chooses which hydrator to use. The default one should return domain objects.

Request builder

The request builder creates a PSR-7 request with a multipart stream when necessary If the API does not require multipart streams you should remove the RequestBuilder and replace it with a RequestFactory.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.