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PHP from Travis config license

Extends the default Spryker mail module with smtp functionality.


composer require fond-of-spryker/smtp-mail

1. Extend MailDependencyProvider

Open your MailDependencyProvider, mostly stored in Pyz\Zed\Mail. Extend your MailDependency with the FondOfSprykerMailDependencyProvider instaead the SprykerMailDependency.

class MailDependencyProvider extends FondOfSprykerMailDependencyProvider

2. Set Configuration

Set the following variables to your ConfigFile like config_default_whatever.php

$config[MailConfigConstants::MAILER_SMTP_HOST] = 'localhost';
$config[MailConfigConstants::MAILER_SMTP_PORT] = 25;
$config[MailConfigConstants::MAILER_SMTP_USER] = 'JohnDoe';
$config[MailConfigConstants::MAILER_SMTP_PASSWORD] = 'password';

You can extend the configuration by yourself. Take a look into FondOfSpryker\Zed\SmtpMail\MailDependencyProvider