Implements Google Search into the Spryker Suite

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Implements Google Search into the Spryker Suite


composer require fond-of-spryker/google-custom-search


First, you should complete the configuration of the Google API in your configuration, e.g. under config/shared/config_default.php

$config[GoogleCustomSearchConstants::API_KEY] = 'YOUR_API_KEY';
$config[GoogleCustomSearchConstants::CX_KEY] = 'SEARCH_ENGINE_KEY';
$config[GoogleCustomSearchConstants::CONFIG_TIMEOUT] = 5.0;
$config[GoogleCustomSearchConstants::RESULT_ITEMS_PER_PAGE] = 10;

For more information, see the official documentation at

You can add different CX_KEYs for locales by extending the key with the locale, in example:

$config[GoogleCustomSearchConstants::CX_KEY . '_fr_FR']

Dont forget the underscore between the key and locale!

The default route for search is localed with /de, you change this in the GoogleCustomSearchControllerProvider. If you dont need any localized route just remove the language parameter in URL.

    '/de/' . GoogleCustomSearchConstants::ROUTE_SEARCH_URL_VARIABLE

Render the form

To render the search form use the following code. If you want to change the routes, expand the module as you like using the Spryker workflow

{{ render(path('google-search-form')) }}


The search results are displayed under the URL

/search (route name google-search-results). 

If you need a different route, just expand the module how you like

Under /Yves/Theme/default/ search you will find two example templates. Feed free to implement your own.