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Attentition: This Package is only for use with SprykerSuite! If youre using the version based on the demoshop use version 1.x


composer require fond-of-spryker/active-campaign


Register the new module in your YvesBootstrap.php

Add your personal active campaign configuration to config file.

$config[ActiveCampaignConstants::ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_API_KEY] = "ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_API_KEY";
$config[ActiveCampaignConstants::ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_URL] = "ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_URL";
$config[ActiveCampaignConstants::ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_SUBSCRIBE_URL] = 'newsletter/subscribe/';
$config[ActiveCampaignConstants::ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_CONFIRMATION_URL] = 'newsletter/subscribe-confirmation/';
$config[ActiveCampaignConstants::ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_LISTID . "de_DE"] = 100;
$config[ActiveCampaignConstants::ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_FORMID . "de_DE"] = 200;

Feel free to change the routes for subscribe and confirmation in the plugin provider. Dont forget the locales for LISTID and FORMID! The default locale is set on "de_DE", if you want to change this extend or overwrite FondOfSpryker\Zed\ActiveCampaign\ActiveCampaignConfig.


Sample submit form (@ActiveCampaign/index/form.twig)

{{ form_start(activeCampaignSubscriptionForm, { 'action': path('ROUTE_ACTIVECAMPAIGN_SUBMIT')}) }}
    {{ form_row( }}
    {{ form_row(activeCampaignSubscriptionForm.submit }}
{{ form_end(activeCampaignSubscriptionForm) }}

After creating the submit form you need two more templates for after subscription an confirmation:

  • @ActiveCampaign/index/subscribe.twig
  • @ActiveCampaign/index/subscribe-confirmation.twig

Both are just static templates, do whatever you want.