The file upload extension for the Flarum forum with insane intelligence.

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An extension that handles file uploads intelligently for your forum.


  • For images:
    • Auto watermarks.
    • Auto resizing.
  • Mime type to upload adapter mapping.
  • Whitelisting mime types.
  • Uploading on different storage services (local, imgur, AWS S3 for instance).
  • Drag and drop uploads.
  • Uploading multiple files at once (button and drag and drop both support this).
  • Easily extendable, the extension heavily relies on Events.
  • Extender interface to disable or force particular adapters (see below).
  • Connect uploaded files to the posts they're used in and the author that uploaded them.
  • Deletion of unused uploads.


Install manually with composer:

composer require fof/upload:"*"


composer require fof/upload:"*"
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear


Enable the extension, a new tab will appear on the left hand side. This separate settings page allows you to further configure the extension.

Make sure you configure the upload permission on the permissions page as well.

Mimetype regular expression

Regular expressions allow you a lot of freedom, but they are also very difficult to understand. Here are some pointers, but feel free to ask for help on the official Flarum forums.

In case you want to allow all regular file types including video, music, compressed files and images, use this:


A mimetype consists of a primary and secondary type. The primary type can be image, video and application for instance. The secondary is like a more detailed specification, eg png, pdf etc. These two are divided by a /, in regex you have to escape this character by using: \/.

Disable or Force a particular adapter

In some circumstances, you may wish to either disable an adapter, or force the use of one. This is set in your root extend.php file.

For example, you may disable imgur

(new FoF\Upload\Extend\Adapters())

Chaining of multiple commands is also possible:

(new FoF\Upload\Extend\Adapters())

You may also force an adapter:

(new FoF\Upload\Extend\Adapters())

Adapter names currently available:

  • local
  • imgur
  • qiniu
  • aws-s3



An extension by FriendsOfFlarum