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Laravel ORM Manager

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This package is manager for laravel or lumen ORM (object relational mapping) Model. You can generate relation method and control Model development in your project. Relation method is method in Model class that reference to another Model for get data in related Model. For example you have a model User and Phone with relation one to one. Both model will be called connected if there is relation method in both class. In class User.php there should be

class User extends Authenticatable
     * Get the phone record associated with the user.
    public function phone()
        return $this->hasOne(Phone::class);

In class Phone.php

class Phone extends Model
     * Get the user that owns the phone
    public function user()
        return $this->belongsTo(User::class);

When you are working with very large projects, you might feel more difficult to connect all models in your project. This package can be auto generate all relation method of your project's model, even relation method that you don't need right now. And with this package we hope development relation method of Models faster and easier.


require with composer:

composer require flipbox/orm-manager

Add service provider for Laravel in the file config/app.php


Add service provider for Lumen in the file bootstrap/app.php



See php artisan in console, if you install this package correctly you will see list of features with prefix orm:

Control ORM Model

List of Model

Type php artisan orm:list in console, that will show you list of your project model and its properties. for example: ScreenShot

Detail of Model

Type php artisan orm:detail User in console, that will show you detail of selected Model. for example: ScreenShot

Generate Relation Method

How it works? Generator it first check the database connection of your project, if you has been created the database and its connected, it will check required option of relation in the database schema such as primary key, foreign key, pivot table, etc. And if you hasn't yet create database or its not connected, it will offer some required options of relation. And after required option is fulfilled it will check is method exists in the method, than will create method in the model if hasn't.

Generate relation method in single Model

php artisan orm:connect User hasMany Phone

It will generate method in class Model User

  • first argument is Model where method will be created
  • second is relation name such as hsaOne, hasMany, belongsTo, belongsToMany, etc.
  • third is reference Model.

Generate relation method in both Model

php artisan orm:both-connect User oneToMany Phone

It will generate method in class Model User and Phone

  • first argument is first Model
  • second is both-relation name such as oneToOne, oneToMany, manyToMany, morphOneToOne, etc.
  • third is second Model.

Auto Generate All Models

important *) it only work if you has been created database and project is connected.

php artisan orm:auto-connect

it will search possible connection between two models or more, and generate method to each model, sometime need your approval to decide relation type.