This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the maicol07/flarum-api-client package instead.

Standalone package for calling the API of a Flarum installation.

0.2.0-beta.2 2017-03-04 22:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-27 07:50:27 UTC


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This is a generic PHP API client for use in any project. You can simply include this package as a dependency to your project to use it.


composer require flagrow/flarum-api-client


In order to start working with the client you might need a Flarum master key:

  1. Generate a 40 character random, unguessable string, this is the Token needed for this package.
  2. Manually add it to the api_keys table using phpmyadmin/adminer or another solution.

The master key is required to access non-public discussions and running actions otherwise reserved for Flarum administrators.


A basic example:


require_once "vendor/autoload.php";

use Flagrow\Flarum\Api\Flarum;

$api = new Flarum('http://example.com');

// A collection of discussions from the first page of your Forum index.
$discussions = $api->discussions()->request();
// Read a specific discussion.
$discussion = $api->discussions()->id(1)->request();
// Read the first page of users.
$users = $api->users()->request();

An authorized example:

$api = Flarum('http://example.com', ['token' => '<insert-master-token>; userId=1']);

The userId refers to a user that has admin permissions or the user you want to run actions for. Appending the userId setting to the token only works for Master keys.


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