Zend Framework/Laminas module that provides complete integration of Assetic library

v3.4.0 2024-01-24 11:17 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-24 12:04:54 UTC


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Currently maintained fork of widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module.


  • Add support for PHP 8.0+
  • Drop support for PHP <7.4
  • Remove support for Zend Framework
  • Use return-types and type-hints everywhere
  • Support for Mezzio (sorry no Expressive)

What is this?

Assets management per module made easy. Every module can come with their own assets (JS, CSS, Images etc.) and this module make sure the assets are moved into your public folder and are directly available in your views.

This also helps you to load all assets for your Laminas application which you've installed with npm, yarn etc.

  • Optimize your assets. Minify your css, js; Compile scss, and more...
  • Adapts To Your Needs. Using custom template engine and want to use power of this module, just implement Fabiang\AsseticBundle\View\StrategyInterface
  • Well tested. Besides unit test this solution is also ready for the production use.
  • Great fundations. Based on Assetic and Laminas
  • Excellent community. Everything is thanks to great support from GitHub & PHP community!
  • Every change is tracked. Want to know whats new? Take a look at CHANGELOG.md
  • Listen to your ideas. Have a great idea? Bring your tested pull request or open a new issue.


Read the quick start guide for Laminas\Mvc or the quick start guide for Mezzio?