scssphp is a compiler for SCSS written in PHP.

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scssphp is a compiler for SCSS written in PHP.

It primarily implements SCSS 3.2.16, with some 3.3.x/3.4.x compatibility. It does not implement the SASS syntax, only the SCSS syntax.

Checkout the homepage, http://leafo.github.io/scssphp, for directions on how to use.

Running Tests

scssphp uses PHPUnit for testing.

Run the following command from the root directory to run every test:

vendor/bin/phpunit tests

There are several tests in the tests/ directory:

  • ApiTest.php contains various unit tests that test the PHP interface.
  • ExceptionTest.php contains unit tests that test for exceptions thrown by the parser and compiler.
  • FailingTest.php contains tests reported in Github issues that demonstrate compatibility bugs.
  • InputTest.php compiles every .scss file in the tests/inputs directory then compares to the respective .css file in the tests/outputs directory.
  • ScssTest.php extracts (ruby) scss tests from the tests/scss_test.rb file.
  • ServerTest.php contains functional tests for the Server class.

When changing any of the tests in tests/inputs, the tests will most likely fail because the output has changed. Once you verify that the output is correct you can run the following command to rebuild all the tests:

BUILD=1 vendor/bin/phpunit tests

This will compile all the tests, and save results into tests/outputs.

To enable the scss compatibility tests:

TEST_SCSS_COMPAT=1 vendor/bin/phpunit tests

Coding Standard

scssphp source conforms to PSR2.

Run the following command from the root directory to check the code for "sniffs".

vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=PSR2 bin src tests