Site-configuration module for Zend Framework 2

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This modules allows you to easily get site config in all of your files. The module can, out-of-the-box, read config values from the following:

  • DoctrineORM
  • Files(supported by \Zend\Config\Reader)
    • ini
    • json
    • xml
    • yaml
    • javaproperties
    • php array

Note: This module does not help you write the config, you have to take care of that yourself.


  1. Run the followng composer command:

    $ composer require eye4web/zf2-site-config:dev-master
  2. Enable it in your application.config.php file.

    return array(
        'modules' => array(
            // ...
        // ...
  3. Copy config/eye4web.siteconfig.global.php.dist to config/autoload/eye4web.siteconfig.global.php

  4. Edit the config to fit your needs


It is very easy to get config values, anywhere in your files.


To get a config value in a view-file(or layout): $this->siteConfig($configKey, $default) $default is optional


To get a config value in a controller: $this->siteConfig($configKey, $default) $default is optional

Any file from service-manager

This module comes with an initializer, so to get the SiteConfigService into a file, all you have to do is

  • Make your file implement Eye4web\SiteConfig\Service\SiteConfigAwareInterface
  • Use the trait Eye4web\SiteConfig\Service\SiteConfigAwareTrait
namespace YourModule\Service;

use Eye4web\SiteConfig\Service\SiteConfigAwareTrait;
use Eye4web\SiteConfig\Service\SiteConfigAwareInterface;

class YourAwesomeService implements SiteConfigAwareInterface
    use SiteConfigAwareTrait;
  • Now you can do $this->getSiteConfigService()->get($configKey, $default), $default is optional


See config/eye4web.siteconfig.global.php.dist for configurable values


The modules supports many different readers, by deault it uses DoctrineORMReader


This reader reads config values from your database. This module is setup to use DoctrineORM by default, so all you have to do is

  1. Create schema
    • Use the doctrine script: php ./vendor/bin/doctrine-module orm:schema-tool:update --force or
    • Create the table yourself, see data/sql folder for schema
  2. Add your config values to the database. You only have to fill key and value, the rest of the fields are just convenience fields


This module uses Zend\Config to read config from files. It can read config from the following file types:

  • ini
  • json
  • xml
  • yaml
  • javaproperties
  • php array

To read config from a file, all you have to do is:

  1. Create your file and add your config values
  2. Edit eye4web.siteconfig.global.php and set the path to your config file

You can read config from a single file, but you can also read from multiple files, just use an array of file names instead of a single string


It is very easy to create your own reader, just follow these steps:

  1. Create your reader. It must implement Eye4web\SiteConfig\Reader\ReaderInterface
  2. Add your reader to the service-manager
  3. Edit eye4web.siteconfig.global.php and set the name of your reader
  4. Make a pull-request so others can benefit from your reader ;)