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Provides a Twig filter that replaces empty or invalid URLs with a placeholder image from any of the registered image providers.


Use Composer to install the library.

$ composer require endroid/image-placeholder


The default placeholder generation parameters can be overridden via the constructor arguments or service definition. All parameters are optional.


Placeholders are placed via a Twig filter that shows the placeholder image in case the service is activated and the given URL is empty or invalid.

<img src="{{ image_url|image_placeholder(200, 300) }}" />
<img src="{{ image_url|image_placeholder(200, 300, { provider: 'placehoff' }) }}" />


Currently the following providers are supported.


Version numbers follow the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme. Backwards compatibility breaking changes will be kept to a minimum but be aware that these can occur. Lock your dependencies for production and test your code when upgrading.


This library is under the MIT license. For the full copyright and license information please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.