Gravatar Service Provider for Silex

1.0.0 2015-02-04 10:27 UTC

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Last update: 2022-07-28 02:37:40 UTC


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A Gravatar service provider for Silex.

API: emanueleminotto.github.io/GravatarServiceProvider


Install Silex using Composer.

Install the GravatarServiceProvider adding emanueleminotto/gravatar-service-provider to your composer.json or from CLI:

$ composer require emanueleminotto/gravatar-service-provider


Initialize it using register

use EmanueleMinotto\GravatarServiceProvider\GravatarServiceProvider;

$app->register(new GravatarServiceProvider(), array(
    'gravatar.http_client' => new GuzzleHttp\Client(), // default null, optional
    'gravatar.twig' => false, // default true, optional

The gravatar.http_client can be replaced by an instance of the Guzzle HTTP client, by default a new instance is provided.

From PHP

$app->get('/hello/{email}', function ($email) use ($app) {
    $profile = $app['gravatar']->getProfile($email);

    return 'Hello ' . $profile['preferredUsername'];

From Twig

Setting the option gravatar.twig => true, if there's the Twig service provider, you'll be able to use the Twig extension provided by the Gravatar library.