Paramconverter, Normalizer and Form Type for Ramsey Uuid

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4.2.0 2022-01-17 13:28 UTC


A convenient bundle for using ramsey/uuid in your project

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php composer.phar require ekreative/uuid-extra-bundle


Include the bundle in your AppKernel

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        new Ekreative\UuidExtraBundle\EkreativeUuidExtraBundle()


No config needed

Param Converter

Use just like any other param converter

 * @ParamConverter("uuid", class="Ramsey\Uuid\UuidInterface")
 * @Route("/simple/{uuid}")
public function simpleAction(UuidInterface $uuid)
    return new Response($uuid->toString());

Most of the time its going to work automatically, as long as you use type hinting on your action

 * @Route("/automatic/{uuid}")
public function simpleAction(UuidInterface $uuid)
    return new Response($uuid->toString());

Also works for optional params

 * @Route("/optional/{uuid}")
public function simpleAction(UuidInterface $uuid = null)
    return new Response($uuid ? $uuid->toString() : 'no uuid');


Also like a normalizer should

$this->serializer->serialize($uuid, 'json')

Results in "f13a5b20-9741-4b15-8120-138009d8e0c7"

And the other way around

$this->serializer->denormalize('"f13a5b20-9741-4b15-8120-138009d8e0c7"', UuidInterface::class, 'json')

Results in $uuid

Works in your Objects etc.

Form Type

Does everything you'd expect

->add('uuid', UuidType:class)

And if your model has

 * @Assert\Uuid
private $uuid;

It will automatically use the UuidType