Agent to be used by the NextEuropa Dashboard application, which provides information about the website modules and a link to access the site as an administrator.

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dev-7.x-1.x-dev 2020-11-15 16:38 UTC

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Branch types

List of branch types allowed for the project:

  • feature/DASH-123 Ticket for new features, improvements, bug fixes, etc.
  • hotfix/DASH-123 Ticket for fixing critical bugs justifying a minor release.
  • release/1.0.0 Release version.
  • maintenance/upgrade-vendor Purpose of the maintenance.

PR naming

The pull request should always be both ticket number and title, without additional information. Ex: DASH-123

PR change log

Please fill in the change log section putting small description(s) in front of the type(s) of work performed in the pull request.

PR commands

Please fill in the commands section with the list of commands that is required to perform the manual tests with success.

PR notes

Please fill in the notes section following the indications of the helper text.