OpenEuropa code review component.


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Make automatic conventions checking on each commit via GrumPHP.


Install the code review component via Composer:

composer require --dev openeuropa/code-review

In your project root create the following grumphp.yml.dist:

  - { resource: vendor/openeuropa/code-review/dist/library-conventions.yml }

For Drupal projects, drupal-conventions.yml should be imported instead.

Using Docker Compose

Alternatively, you can build a development setup using Docker and Docker Compose with the provided configuration.

Docker provides the necessary services and tools such as a web server and a database server to get the site running, regardless of your local host configuration.



By default, Docker Compose reads two files, a docker-compose.yml and an optional docker-compose.override.yml file. By convention, the docker-compose.yml contains your base configuration and it's provided by default. The override file, as its name implies, can contain configuration overrides for existing services or entirely new services. If a service is defined in both files, Docker Compose merges the configurations.

Find more information on Docker Compose extension mechanism on the official Docker Compose documentation.


To start, run:

docker-compose up

It's advised to not daemonize docker-compose so you can turn it off (CTRL+C) quickly when you're done working. However, if you'd like to daemonize it, you have to add the flag -d:

docker-compose up -d


docker-compose exec web composer install

Running the tests

To run the grumphp checks:

docker-compose exec web ./vendor/bin/grumphp run

To run the phpunit tests:

docker-compose exec web ./vendor/bin/phpunit

Step debugging

To enable step debugging from the command line, pass the XDEBUG_SESSION environment variable with any value to the container:

docker-compose exec -e XDEBUG_SESSION=1 web <your command>

Please note that, starting from XDebug 3, a connection error message will be outputted in the console if the variable is set but your client is not listening for debugging connections. The error message will cause false negatives for PHPUnit tests.

To initiate step debugging from the browser, set the correct cookie using a browser extension or a bookmarklet like the ones generated at


This component offers a variety of ready conventions that all projects need to follow. This list of default conventions can be found in

Since GrumPHP uses the Symfony Dependency Injection component you can override specific parameters in your project's grumphp.yml.dist file as follows:

  - { resource: vendor/openeuropa/code-review/dist/library-conventions.yml }

  tasks.git_commit_message.matchers: ['/^JIRA-\d+: [A-Z].+\./']

Below the list of task parameters can that be overridden on a per-project basis:

  • tasks.phpcs.standard
  • tasks.phpcs.ignore_patterns
  • tasks.phpcs.triggered_by
  • tasks.phpcs.whitelist_patterns
  • tasks.phpcs.warning_severity
  • tasks.phpmd.exclude
  • tasks.phpmd.ruleset
  • tasks.phpmd.triggered_by
  • tasks.git_commit_message.matchers

More on how to import and override configuration files here.

It is also possible to extend the list of tasks to be run by loading the extra tasks extension and adding tasks under the extra_tasks: parameter as shown below:

  - { resource: vendor/openeuropa/code-review/dist/library-conventions.yml }

    phpparser: ~
    - OpenEuropa\CodeReview\ExtraTasksExtension

GrumPHP already has a series of tasks that can be used out of the box, you can find the complete list in the GrumPHP tasks page.

It is also possible to create your own tasks as explained in the GrumPHP extensions page.


GrumPHP tasks will be ran at every commit, if you with to run them without performing a commit use the following command:

./vendor/bin/grumphp run

If you want to simulate the tasks that will be run when creating a new commit:

./vendor/bin/grumphp git:pre-commit

Check GrumPHP documentation for more.


The changelog is generated using a local docker installation which installs muccg/docker-github-changelog-generator

This reads the Github API for the required repository and writes the to the root of the repository.


  • Local Docker machine running.
  • A Github Access Token should be generated and exported (or written to ~/.gitconfig) as CHANGELOG_GITHUB_TOKEN=<YOUR TOKEN HERE>

Before tagging a new release export the following:


The changelog can then be generated by running:

composer run-script changelog


GrumPHP not fired on new commits

With Git 2.9+ (June 2016) you have a new option for centralizing hooks: core.hooksPath. In case GrumPHP is not fired on new commits check for core.hooksPath global option by running:

git config --global --list

To unset that option run:

git config --global --unset core.hooksPath 

Generate Changelog on Mac

  • Best results were gained using the Docker app
  • The local repo folder should be shared under Docker -> Preferences -> File sharing to enable the file to be written locally.