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Easy Framework

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EasyFramework is a PHP framework for small to medium web applications. It's as simple and concise as possible, trying to stand out of your way.

This repository is for EasyFramework developers. All users should download EasyFramework from our official site.


The main way to download EasyFw is using composer:

In your composer file:

require: "easyframework/easyframework"

The command line to install:

php composer.phar install


To start with some build in application you can go to skeleton application repository and download via composer or git submodules the app.


The "Quick Tour" tutorial gives you a first feeling of the framework. If, like us, you think that EasyFw2 can help speed up your development and take the quality of your work to the next level, read the official Easy Framework 2 documentation.

How to help

  1. Find and report bugs and help us fix them
  2. Fork our repository and start writing some code! Take a look at the Roadmap to see where we're going.
  3. Help us enhance our documentation

See our wiki for more information on development.