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Collections Abstraction library for PHP

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Collections Abstraction library for PHP

The Collection library is one of the most useful things that many modern languages has, but for some reason PHP doesn't has a built in collection layer.

For that reason we created Collections, an incredible library that gathers the best of .NET's and Java's collections patterns and unify it with PHP array power.

Take a look and see what we're talking about!!


composer require easyframework/collections


The Collection Class

The Collection represents the List in .NET language or simply non-associative arrays in php:

  $person1 = new \stdClass();
  $person1->name = 'John';
  $person1->age = 25;
  $person2 = new \stdClass();
  $person2->name = 'Maria';
  $person2->age = 30;
  $person3 = new \stdClass();
  $person3->name = 'Anderson';
  $person3->age = 15;
  $collection = new Collections\Vector();
        return $person->age > 18;
        echo $item->name; //John and Maria


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


More information can be found in the online documentation at https://italolelis.gitbooks.io/collections.