A pre-configured skeleton for using Gulp, Silex & Twig

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Intro to Gulp

To clone run:

$ composer create-project dvomedia/gulp-skeleton path/to/install --stability=dev

Composer will create a new Gulp/Silex project under the path/to/install directory. Be sure to press 'y' when asked if you want to remove the current .git repository

Assuming you already have the standard dev tools (node, npm & bower, bower) installed, all you need to do is checkout this codebase and then run:

$ ./install.sh


All bootstrap and fontawesome and anything from resources/sass/style.scss will be included in web/dist/css/style.css.

Jquery 2.1.4 and any other js (resources/js/.js) will go into web/dist/js/

Don't have standard dev tools?

brew install node gem install sass