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Re-decentralizing the web

Solid (derived from "social linked data") is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized Web applications based on Linked Data principles.

This repository contains a PHP library for accessing data and managing permissions on data stored in a Solid Pod It also a contains a Symfony bundle to easily build Solid applications with the Symfony and API Platform frameworks.

Take a look at the presentation of this library at the SymfonyLive Paris 2022 conference.


composer require dunglas/solid-client-php

If you use Symfony or API Platform, the bundle and the corresponding recipe will be installed automatically.



use Dunglas\PhpSolidClient\SolidClientFactory;
use Dunglas\PhpSolidClient\OidcClient;
use Symfony\Component\HttpClient\HttpClient;

$solidClientFactory = new SolidClientFactory(HttpClient::create());

// Create an anonymous Solid client
$anonymousSolidClient = $solidClientFactory->create();

// Fetch the WebID profile of a user
$profile = $anonymousSolidClient->getProfile('https://example.com/your/webid');
// Fetch the OIDC issuer for a user
$oidcIssuer = $anonymousSolidClient->getOidcIssuer('https://example.com/your/webid');

// Create a Solid OIDC client for this user
$oidcClient = new OidcClient($oidcIssuer);
// Register the OIDC client dynamically
// Authenticate the user
// At this point you may want to save $oidcClient in the session
// The user will be redirected to the OIDC server to log in

// Create a Solid client generating DPoP access tokens for the logged-in user
$loggedSolidClient = $solidClientFactory->create($oidcClient);

// Create a new container
$containerResponse = $loggedSolidClient->createContainer('https://mypod.example.com', 'blog');
$container = $containerResponse->getContent();

// Post a new note
$apiPlatformResponse = $loggedSolidClient->post('https://mypod.example.com/blog', 'api-platform-conference', <<<TTL
@prefix as: <http://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams#>.

<> a as:Note; as:content "Going to API Platform Conference".
$apiPlatformCon = $apiPlatformResponse->getContent();

// Fetch an existing note
$symfonyLiveResponse = $loggedSolidClient->get('https://mypod.example.com/blog/symfony-live');
$symfonyLive = $symfonyLiveResponse->getContent();

// Logout


  • Standalone PHP library
  • Symfony Bundle
    • OAuth/OIDC authenticator
    • Solid client as a service



Reading and Writing Resources

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