TYPO3 extension to import tweets as EXT:news articles

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TYPO3 Extension "twitter2news"

What does it do?

Imports tweets via the official Twitter API as EXT:news "News" entities.

Summary of features

  • Integrates with EXT:news to import tweets as News entities
  • Provides command to regularly import new/update already imported tweets
  • Adds a new subtype for EXT:news: "Tweet"


The recommended way to install the extension is by using Composer. In your Composer based TYPO3 project root, just run:

composer require dskzpt/twitter2news


  1. Get your twitter API access tokens by following the official documentation
  2. Enter your API access tokens in the Extension configuration/settings.
  3. Run the provided command to import tweets:
    {username} {storagePid} [limit|25|max:100] [--no-retweets] [--category [CATEGORY]]


Setup a cronjob/scheduler task to regularly import new tweets.


Version TYPO3 News PHP Support/Development
1.x 11.5 9.0 - 10.x 7.4 - 8.0️ Features, Bugfixes, Security Updates


Automatic import of posts

This extension comes with a command to import tweets of a given twitter handle. It is recommended to set this command up to run regularly - e.g. once a day.

twitter2news:import-tweets {username} {storagePid} [limit|25|max:100] [--no-retweets] [--category [CATEGORY]]


Name Description
username The users twitter handle to import tweets from
storagePid The PID to save the imported tweets
limit The maximum number of latest tweets to import (Optional. Default: 25 / max: 100)
--no-retweets Exclude retweets from import (Optional)
--category One or more news category uids to save the news records (Optional. Integer)

Local path to save downloaded files

By default all images/videos in imported posts are saved in /public/fileadmin/twitter2news You can change this path via the Extensions settings local_file_storage_path option.

Known issues / limitations

  • The max number of Tweets to import is currently limited to 100 ("the last 100 tweets of a user"). That is the Twitter APIs limit for one tweets in one response. This limit can be fixed by making use of the APIs pagination functionality.


Please refer to the contributing document included in this repository.


This Extension comes with a testsuite for coding styles and unit/functional tests. To run the tests simply use the provided composer script:

composer ci:test