Drush commandfile for use with drupal/drupal-driver.

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The Behat Drush Endpoint is the remote component needed to work with the Behat Drupal Driver.

The Behat Drupal Driver contains three drivers: Blackbox, Direct Drupal API, and Drush. The Behat Drush Endpoint is only necessary when using the Drush driver.

Installation Instructions


  • DRUSH 10
  • DRUSH 9
  • DRUSH 8.2.0+

If you are using an earlier version of Drush 8, please switch to the 8.x branch.

If you are managing your Drupal site with Composer, then add the Behat Drush Endpoint to your project as follows:

composer require drush-ops/behat-drush-endpoint:^9

If you are not using composer.json on the remote Drupal site, then copy the entire contents of this project to either ROOT/drush or ROOT/sites/all/drush, then cd behat-drush-endpoint and run composer install.