[BETA] This bundle offer a few AWS tool for symfony.

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v0.7.19 2021-03-12 01:42 UTC


Multiple tools related to Aws infrastructure.


Allow to download a cloud watch log locally.

A user case would be to download slow query log from a rds cluster and aggregate them locally

bin/console draw:aws:cloud-watch-logs:download /aws/rds/cluster/prod-dbcluster/slowquery prod-1 ./tmp/slow-log.log
bin/console draw:aws:cloud-watch-logs:download /aws/rds/cluster/prod-dbcluster/slowquery prod-2 ./tmp/slow-log.log --fileMode=a+


Allowing to ignore a command if it's not the newest instance in a pool of instance base on it's role.

Sometime it's complex to configure cron that should be executed only on one instance in a pool of server that are auto scaling. A good way to do that is to check if the current instance is the newest one, that way only one instance can be the newest at a specific time.

bin/console acme:purge-database --aws-newest-instance-role=prod