A PHP Wrapper for DockerCloud API

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This is a PHP FULL implementation of DockerCloud's API

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Add a dependency on dockercloud/api to your project's composer.json by utilizing the [Composer](https://getcomposer .org/) package manager.

    "require-dev": {
        "dockercloud/api": "@stable"

Usage instruction

Goto https://cloud.docker.com/account/#container-api-key to generate an API Key first.

Now you need to configure authentication credentials via a static method, (you only need to do this once).


To get a list of services under your account:

$API = new DockerCloud\API\Service();
$Response = $API->getList();
$MetaData = $Response->getMeta();
$services = $Response->getObjects();

To create a new service

$Model = new DockerCloud\Model\Service();

$API = new DockerCloud\API\Service();
$Model = $API->create($Model);

API Implementations

This API Wrapper implements all API endpoints currently provided by DockerCloud, for full documentation on how to use it please refere to API