Hawk Stack middleware

dev-master / 1.0.x-dev 2013-08-02 04:22 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-29 03:26:44 UTC


A Stack middleware to enable Hawk authentication following the STACK-2 Authentication conventions.


Through Composer as dflydev/stack-hawk.


The Hawk middleware accepts the following options:

  • credentials_provider: (required) Either an instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Credentials\CredentialsProviderInterface or a callable that receives an ID as its only argument and is expected to return a Dflydev\Hawk\Credentials\CredentialsInterface or null.
  • sign_response: Should responses be signed? Boolean. Default true.
  • validate_payload_response: Should payload responses be validated? Boolean. Default true.
  • validate_payload_request: Should payload requests be validated? Boolean. Default true.
  • crypto: An instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Crypto\Crypto or a callable that will return an instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Crypto\Crypto.
  • server: An instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Server\ServerInterface or a callable that will return an instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Server\ServerInterface.
  • time_provider: An instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Time\TimeProviderInterface or a callable that will return an instance of Dflydev\Hawk\Time\TimeProviderInterface.
  • token_translator: A callable that receives a Dflydev\Hawk\Credentials\CredentialsInterface as its only argument and is expected to return a token. Default implementation returns $credentials->id() as the token.
  • firewall: A firewall configuration compatible with dflydev/stack-firewall.

use Dflydev\Hawk\Credentials\Credentials;

$credentialsProvider = function ($id) {
    // Simulate a know valid set of credentials.
    $validCredentials = new Credentials('key1234', 'sha256', 'id1234');

    if ($validCredentials === $id) {
        return $validCredentials;

$tokenTranslator = function (CredentialsInterface $credentials) {
    // This is the same as the default implementation and shown merely for
    // demonstration purposes. If the token should be something other than
    // the ID this callback can be defined; otherwise, if the ID is sufficient,
    // defining this callback can be skipped entirely.
    return $credentials->id();

$app = new Dflydev\Stack\Hawk($app, [
    'firewall' => [
        ['path' => '/api'], // Only /api requests will be protected by Hawk!
    'credentials_provider' => $credentialsProvider,
    'token_translator' => $tokenTranslator,
    'sign_response' => false, // do not sign the response; default true




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