Laravel complete boilerplate.

2.4.1 2021-06-23 02:49 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-29 04:27:44 UTC


Start a rocket journey towards the stars creating a new Laravel project with super powers. This is a starting point for new apps with a some fully opinionated built-in features.


We built Asteroid Blank by setting up some awesome tools which we believe are the ideal for each case.

You are free to setup new tools, remove which you dont want or even replace everything with your choices, but it might be easier just start something from scratch.


You can start creating a new project using it as template:

composer create-project descompilando/asteroid-blank my-app

Or just clone it and edit:

git clone my-app
rm -rf .git/

To bring it up you can use Laravel Sail:

cd my-app
sail up -d

Or even the Laravel built-in solution:

cd my-app
php artisan serve