This bundle provides a transport for swiftmailer to send mail through mailjet

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This bundle provides a transport element to use SwiftMailer from the Symfony project to send mail using Mailjet.


To configure the bundle, you will have to enter the api key, secret and default template id :

    # app/config/config.yml
        api_key: %api_key%
        secret_key: %secret_key%
        base_template_id: %base_template_id%

You will also have to modify the transport in the mailer configuration :

    # app/config/config.yml
        transport:  mailjet


In mailjet, you can define your own template for the mail you send. It is possible to use different template for each mail you will send.

To perform this action, you will need to guess the template Id from the message being send.

Create a guesser

You should implement the class : Dekalee\MailjetBundle\Guesser\TemplateIdGuesserInterface

There are two methods inside :

  • supports, which will decide if your strategy is able to give the template Id for this message
  • guess, which will return the template Id for the given message

Declare the service

Once your class is created, you should add the tag dekalee_mailjet.guesser.template_id.strategy to your service definition

Campaign management

Affiliate a user to a campaign

To affiliate a contact to a campaign, you should use the ContactListSubscriber class, declared under the dekalee_mailet.subscriber.contact_list key in the container:

    class RegisterUser
        protected $subscriber;

        public function __construct(ContactListSubscriber $subscriber)
            $this->subscriber = $subscriber;

        public function addUser(User $user)
                    'subject' => 'Mail subject (linked to the user)',
                    'content' => 'Mail content (linked to the user)',

The template used for sending personnal emails to the contact from this list would be able to use the variable content_CampaignName and subject_CampaignName.

Unsubscribe a user from a campaign

To affiliate a contact to a campaign, you should use the ContactListUnSubscriber class, declared under the dekalee_mailet.unsubscriber.contact_list key in the container:

    class UnRegisterUser
        protected $unsubscriber;

        public function __construct(ContactListUnsubscriber $unsubscriber)
            $this->unsubscriber = $unsubscriber;

        public function delUser(User $user)
            $this->unsubscriber->unsubscribe('campaignName', $user->getEmail());

Custom template

If you want to use a custom template from mailjet with some custom variables, there is a way to do it in the bundle:

  • Create a custom message
    namespace Bar;

    use Dekalee\MailjetBundle\Message\SwiftCustomVarsMessage;

    class FooMessage extends SwiftCustomVarsMessage {}
  • Fill the vars property with the parameters you want to send
    $message = new FooMessage();

    $message->setVars(['bar' => 'baz']);
  • Configure the simple message guesser to use your template
            Bar\FooMessage: 1

If you send the mail throught mailjet, the template 1 will be used.

In your working environment, you will receive a mail with all the vars json encoded.


Since version 2.1.0, it is possible to use mailjet debug capabilities.

You can directly configure them in the config file:

        force_deliver: true

The reporting_email parameter will be used to send the error report mail.

The force_deliver parameter will force the mail deliver even if there is a syntax issue.


For the moment, the bundle does not supports the inline attachement functionnality from mailjet, but contributions are welcome :).

Warning for symfony4

When used with env parameters, the swiftmailer bundle automatically generates the transport by using a factory. To avoid this workflow, you shall not use env parameters to configure your swiftmailer installation.