A generic connector for the mono payment bundle for the Relay API gateway

v0.1.11 2024-04-24 11:03 UTC


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A generic connector for the mono bundle for the Relay API gateway

Bundle installation

You can install the bundle directly from packagist.org.

composer require dbp/relay-mono-connector-generic-bundle

Integration into the API Server

  • Add the necessary bundles to your config/bundles.php:
Dbp\Relay\MonoBundle\DbpRelayMonoBundle::class => ['all' => true],
Dbp\Relay\MonoConnectorGenericBundle\DbpRelayMonoConnectorGenericBundle::class => ['all' => true],
Dbp\Relay\CoreBundle\DbpRelayCoreBundle::class => ['all' => true],
  • Run composer install to clear caches


For this create config/packages/dbp_relay_mono_connector_generic.yaml in the app with the following content:


For more info on bundle configuration see Symfony bundles configuration.

Development & Testing

  • Install dependencies: composer install
  • Run tests: composer test
  • Run linters: composer run lint
  • Run cs-fixer: composer run cs-fix

Bundle dependencies

Don't forget you need to pull down your dependencies in your main application if you are installing packages in a bundle.

# updates and installs dependencies from dbp/relay-mono-connector-generic-bundle
composer update dbp/relay-mono-connector-generic-bundle