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Base Symfony bundle for CampusOnline Course integration for the DBP Relay API Server

Integration into the Relay API Server

  • Add the bundle package as a dependency:
composer require dbp/relay-base-course-connector-campusonline-bundle
  • Add the bundle to your config/bundles.php:
Dbp\Relay\BasePersonBundle\DbpRelayBaseCourseBundle::class => ['all' => true],
Dbp\Relay\BasePersonBundle\DbpRelayBaseCourseConnectorCampusonlineBundle::class => ['all' => true],
  • Run composer install to clear caches


The bundle has some configuration values that you can specify in your app, either by hard-coding it, or by referencing an environment variable.

For this create config/packages/dbp_relay_base_course_connector_ldap.yaml in the app with the following content:

    api_token: '%env(CAMPUS_ONLINE_API_TOKEN)%'
    api_url: '%env(CAMPUS_ONLINE_API_URL)%'
    org_root_id: '%env(ORGANIZATION_ROOT_ID)%'

For more info on bundle configuration see https://symfony.com/doc/current/bundles/configuration.html



This event allows you to add additional attributes ("local data") to the \Dbp\Relay\BaseCourseBundle\Entity\Course base-entity that you want to be included in responses to Course entity requests. Event subscribers receive a \Dbp\Relay\RelayBaseCourseConnectorCampusonlineBundle\Event\CourseProviderPostEvent instance containing the Course base-entity and the course data provided by Campusonline.

For example, create an event subscriber src/EventSubscriber/CourseEventSubscriber.php:

namespace App\EventSubscriber;

use Dbp\Relay\BaseCourseConnectorCampusonlineBundle\Event\CoursePostEvent;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface;

class CourseEventSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface
    public static function getSubscribedEvents(): array
        return [
            CoursePostEvent::NAME => 'onPost',

    public function onPost(CoursePostEvent $event)
        $course = $event->getCourse();
        $courseData = $event->getCourseData();
        $course->trySetLocalDataValue('code', $courseData->getCode());

And add it to your src/Resources/config/services.yaml:

  autowire: true
  autoconfigure: true