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Base Symfony bundle for courses for the DBP Relay API Server.

Integration into the Relay API Server

  • Add the bundle package as a dependency:
composer require dbp/relay-base-course-bundle
  • Add the bundle to your config/bundles.php:
Dbp\Relay\BasePersonBundle\DbpRelayBaseCourseBundle::class => ['all' => true],
  • Run composer install to clear caches

Course provider implementation

For this bundle to work you need to add a service that implements the CourseProviderInterface to your application.


Service class

For example, create a service src/Service/CourseProvider.php:


namespace App\Service;

use Dbp\Relay\BaseCourseBundle\API\CourseProviderInterface;
use Dbp\Relay\BaseCourseBundle\Entity\Course;

class CourseProvider implements CourseProviderInterface
    public function getCourseById(string $identifier, array $options = []): ?Course
        $course = new Course();
        $course->setName('Field Theory');
        $course->setDescription('News from field theory');

        return $course;

Services configuration

For the example service above you need to add the following to your src/Resources/config/services.yaml: