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A framework for PHP batch processing

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A framework for PHP batch processing


  • scalability for medium to large applications (let the servers to serve, and keep heavy processing in another offline place)
  • PHP is popular and is getting better every day, in tools and community. And there is no such tool yet for PHP.
  • Aside mainframe and big data worlds, apparently there is only Spring Batch, a Java framework for this sort of processing, and yes, this work is highly inspirated by it.

Use cases

  • images processing (resizing, watermarks, upload to CDN servers)
  • processing credit cards payments
  • weekly, end of month, quarters, etc, reports generation
  • sending transactional notifications
  • data sync between systems (ERP to CRM, for example)
  • enterprise partners files transfer and processing

Be Warned!

More than other common software artifacts, heavy processes must be thought and architected way more thoroughly


  • Parallelization
  • StopWatcher (for time-boxed batches)
  • Manual Stop for Business Reasons
  • Retry
  • Skip
  • Logging
  • Events
  • Chaining





This software is licensed under the MIT license


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An amazing "Thank you, guys!" for Jetbrains folks, who kindly empower this project with a free open-source license for PhpStorm which can bring a whole new level of joy for coding.