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A Potentially Useful Command Line Query Tool

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This is the source-code for: https://cli.fyi

Cli.fyi lets you to quickly retrieve information about emails, IP addresses, URLs and lots more from the command line (or Browser)

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Supported Queries

  • Crypto Currency Prices
  • Email Address Information
  • IP Address Information
  • Media/URL Information
  • Client Information
  • String Hash Values
  • Domain Name Information
  • Date/Time Information
  • Programming Language Links
  • Country Information
  • Popular Emojis


Contributions are more than welcome. If you think there's a query that could be added please create an issue first. You can find more info on contributing here.


Cli.fyi is licenced under the MIT License.

Bugs 🐛 , Security Issues 🔒

Please create an issue for non-security issues. If an issue requires immediate attention please email dave@earley.email