Library to check and match the varying formats of Gmail addresses

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TL;DR: This is a PHP 7.1+ class that can normalize and compare different formats of the same Gmail address.

Gmail address rules have some caveats:

  • Dots in email addresses are disregarded (foobar@gmail.com is the same as foo.bar@gmail.com). (Source)
  • Addresses are case insensitive (FOOBAR@gmail.com is the same as foobar@gmail.com)
  • The gmail.com domain is interchangeable with googlemail.com (foobar@gmail.com is the same as foobar@googlemail.com) (Source)
  • Pluses are allowed in emails (foobar+baz@gmail.com)

Because of this it is very possible for a system to have multiple variations of the same Gmail address associated with different users.

This class attempts to address this by providing a match(…) method to check variations against each other and a normalize(…) method to retrieve a normalized version of the address. Also exposed is a method for determining if an address is a Gamil address, isGmailAddress(…).

Between these three methods it should be possible to check, normalize and store Gmail addresses, for example to prevent duplicate signups within a system.


Via Composer

$ composer require danjam/gmail-matcher


// instantiate new matcher
$gmailMatcher = new \danjam\GmailMatcher\GmailMatcher();

// you can also specify the domain used when normalizing. Must be one of gmail.com, googlemail.com. Defaults to gmail.com
$gmailMatcher = new \danjam\GmailMatcher\GmailMatcher('googlemail.com');

// normalizes the address - returns foo@gmail.com

// check if two addresses are the same - returns true
$gmailMatcher->match('F.O.O@gmail.com', 'foo@gmail.com');

// returns false
$gmailMatcher->match('foo@gmail.com', 'bar@gmail.com');

// returns false - addresses with + should NOT be treated as the same address
$mailMatcher->match('foo@gmail', 'foo+bar@gmail.com');

// multiple addresses
$gmailMatcher->match('bar@gmail.com', 'b.a.r@gmail.com', 'bar@googlemail.com', ...);

// validate the address is a Gmail address - returns true

// returns false