Pimcore Social Data Instagram Connector

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v2.0.0 2022-01-05 15:29 UTC

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This Connector allows you to fetch social posts from Instagram (Currently only via basic display api).


Release Plan

Release Supported Pimcore Versions Supported Symfony Versions Release Date Maintained Branch
2.x 10.1 - 10.2 5.4 05.01.2022 Feature Branch master
1.x 6.0 - 6.9 3.4, ^4.4 22.10.2020 Unsupported 1.x


I. Add Dependency

"require" : {
    "dachcom-digital/social-data" : "~2.0.0",
    "dachcom-digital/social-data-instagram-connector" : "~2.0.0",

II. Register Connector Bundle

// src/Kernel.php
namespace App;

use Pimcore\HttpKernel\BundleCollection\BundleCollection;

class Kernel extends \Pimcore\Kernel
    public function registerBundlesToCollection(BundleCollection $collection)
        $collection->addBundle(new SocialData\Connector\Instagram\SocialDataInstagramConnectorBundle());

III. Install Assets

bin/console assets:install public --relative --symlink

Enable Connector

# app/config/config.yml
    social_post_data_class: SocialPost
        -   connector_name: instagram

Set Cookie SameSite to Lax

Otherwise, the oauth connection won't work.

If you have any hints to allow processing an oauth connection within strict mode, please tell us.

        cookie_samesite: 'lax'

Instagram Backoffice

Some hints to set up your instagram app


  • Create Non-Business Facebook App
  • Add Instagram Basic Display Product
    • Add https://YOURDOMAIN/admin/social-data/connector/instagram/check in Valid OAuth Redirect URIs
    • Add https://YOURDOMAIN/admin/social-data/connector/instagram/deauthorize in Deauthorize (dummy)
    • Add https://YOURDOMAIN/admin/social-data/connector/instagram/data-deletion in Data Deletion Requests (dummy)
  • Add at least one instagram test account

Business API

Even if you're allowed to choose between a private and business connection, the business API is currently not supported and will be available soon.

  • Create Business Facebook App
  • Add Instagram Graph API

Connector Configuration


Now head back to the backend (System => Social Data => Connector Configuration) and checkout the instagram tab.

  • Click on Install
  • Click on Enable
  • Before you hit the Connect button, you need to fill you out the Connector Configuration. After that, click "Save".
  • Click Connect



This will guide you through the instagram token generation. After hitting the "Connect" button, a popup will open to guide you through instagram authentication process. If everything worked out fine, the connection setup is complete after the popup closes. Otherwise, you'll receive an error message. You may then need to repeat the connection step.

Feed Configuration

Name Description
Limit Define a limit to restrict the amount of social posts to import (Default: 50)

Extended Connector Configuration

Normally you don't need to modify connector (connector_config) configuration, so most of the time you can skip this step. However, if you need to change some core setting of a connector, you're able to change them of course.

# app/config/config.yml
        -   connector_name: instagram
                api_connect_permission_private: ['user_profile', 'user_media'] # default value
                api_connect_permission_business: ['pages_show_list', 'instagram_basic'] # default value

Copyright and license

For licensing details please visit LICENSE.md

Upgrade Info

Before updating, please check our upgrade notes!