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PIMCORE FormBuilder

Release Plan

Release Supported Pimcore Versions Supported Symfony Versions Release Date Maintained Branch
4.x 10.5 ^5.4 13.10.2021 Feature Branch master
3.x 6.0 - 6.9 3.4, ^4.4 17.07.2019 Bugfix only 3.x
2.7 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 3.4 27.06.2019 Unsupported 2.7
1.5 4.0 -- 18.03.2017 Unsupported pimcore4


"require" : {
    "dachcom-digital/formbuilder" : "~4.2.0"
  • Execute: $ bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable FormBuilderBundle
  • Execute: $ bin/console pimcore:bundle:install FormBuilderBundle


  • Execute: $ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --prefix 'FormBuilderBundle\Migrations'


  1. Go to Settings => Form Builder Settings and create your form (Make sure your spam protection is covered).
  2. Open a document and place the form area brick like any other bricks via drag and drop.
  3. Use the edit button at the right top corner to configure your form.

Also make sure you've included the flash template if you want to have some success messages after a redirect. It's also possible to render a form via Twig or even within a controller method. Click here to learn more about the form rendering types.

Overriding Templates

Nothing to tell here, it's just Symfony standard.

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