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This project provides tools to work with a monorepo. The main usage is continuously splitting up a monorepo of a PHP project into multiple read-only splits for every commit, branch and tag. It also provides a command that can merge the composer.json files of the splits into a single composer.json file for the root directory to make it possible to install the monorepo itself as a replacement of the single packages.

There is also a merger available that can be used to merge multiple projects into one monorepo as a one-time process, but it is still experimental and should be used with caution.


composer require --dev contao/monorepo-tools


How the tools are used in action can be seen in the monorepo.yml and .github/workflows/ci.yml files of the projects Contao and BoringSearch.

Split command

vendor/bin/monorepo-tools split [--force-push] [<branch-or-tag>]

Splits the monorepo into repositories by subfolder as configured in the monorepo.yml file and pushes the results to the configured remotes.

Composer-json command

vendor/bin/monorepo-tools composer-json [--validate]

Updates (or validates) the root composer.json file to include a union of all settings from the splits. The autoload configuration gets rewritten to include the correct path to the right subfolder. Version constraints for requirements and conflicts get merged using intersections and unions.

Merge command

Merges multiple repositories into one monorepo. This is intended to be a one-time process, and most probably needs some fine-tuning. The biggest benefit of using it is that it’s reversible, meaning that after splitting the monorepo back the splits commit history of the past is kept untouched.

Feel free to contact me (@ausi) on the Contao Slack workspace if you consider using it for your project.


The configuration is stored in a monorepo.yml file in the root of your monorepo project.

# URL or absolute path to the remote GIT repository of the monorepo

# All branches that match this regular expression will be split by default
branch_filter: /^(main|develop|\d+\.\d+)$/

# List of all split projects

    # The first split project living in the folder /first-subfolder

        # URL or absolute path to the remote GIT repository

    # Second split project living in the folder /second-subfolder

        # URL or absolute path to the remote GIT repository

        # Optional mapping of commit hashes between the monorepo and split repo
        # This is only relevant to projects that got merged from existing split repos in the past
            # <commit-hash-in-the-monorepo>: <commit-hash-in-the-split>
            86f7e437faa5a7fce15d1ddcb9eaeaea377667b8: e9d71f5ee7c92d6dc9e92ffdad17b8bd49418f98

# Optional additional composer settings for the root composer.json
        contao/monorepo-tools: ^1.0
        vendor/package: ^1.2.3
        vendor/package: ^1.2.3