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This library provides methods to handle git repositories remotely without having to clone the whole repo. It uses the Symfony process component to run the git client.


use Ausi\RemoteGit\Repository;
use Ausi\RemoteGit\GitObject\File;
use Ausi\RemoteGit\Exception\ConnectionException;
use Ausi\RemoteGit\Exception\PushCommitException;

$repo = new Repository('ssh://');

try {
} catch(ConnectionException $exception) {
    // Unable to connect to the specified server

$headCommit = $repo->getBranch('main')->getCommit();

$newTree = $headCommit
        'Example content…',

$newCommit = $repo->commitTree($newTree, 'Add example', $headCommit);

try {
    $repo->pushCommit($newCommit, 'main');
} catch(PushCommitException $exception) {
    // Unable to push to the specified remote, e.g. no write access


To install the library use Composer or download the source files from GitHub.

composer require ausi/remote-git


Speed comparison of cloning and reading the contents of a file:

Command Network Disk Space Time
git clone 3.21 GB 4.6 GB 901 s
git clone --depth 1 207 MB 1.4 GB 77 s
git clone -n --depth 1 207 MB 216 MB 46 s
getBranch(…)->getCommit()->getTree()->getFile(…)->getContents() 2.49 MB 2.57 MB 5.8 s

Naturally, this is strongly dependent on many factors like bandwidth and CPU power and should only give a rough idea of this projects purpose, namely reading or writing small bits of data from or to a remote GIT repository.