This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the platformsh/cli package instead. CLI

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The CLI is the official command-line interface for Use this tool to interact with your projects, and to build them locally for development purposes.

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  • Operating system: Linux, OS X, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (any), or Windows 8 Pro (Win8 Standard does not work due to an issue with symlink permissions)
  • PHP 5.4.0 or higher, with cURL support
  • Composer
  • Drush (only needed for Drupal projects)


  • Install Composer globally.

  • Install the latest stable version of the CLI:

    composer global require platformsh/cli:@stable
  • Make sure Composer's vendor/bin directory is in your system's PATH.

    In Linux or OS X, add this line to your shell configuration file:

      export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin"

    In Windows, you can use this command from a Command Prompt (cmd.exe):

      setx PATH "%PATH%;%APPDATA%\Composer\vendor\bin"

    Start a new shell before continuing.

  • Enable auto-completion and shell aliases (optional, but recommended).

    In Linux or OS X, add this line to your shell configuration file:

      . "$HOME/.composer/vendor/platformsh/cli/platform.rc" 2>/dev/null

    In Windows, it would be:

      . "$APPDATA/Composer/vendor/platformsh/cli/platform.rc" 2> nul
Shell configuration file

Your 'shell configuration file' might be in any of the following locations:

  • ~/.bashrc (common in Linux)
  • ~/.bash_profile (common in OS X)
  • ~/.zshrc (if using ZSH)

Start a new shell or type source <filename> to load the new configuration.


New releases of the CLI are made regularly. Update with this command:

composer global update


You can run the CLI in your shell by typing platform.


Use the 'list' command to get a list of available options and commands:

    platform list


The current output of platform list is as follows: CLI

Global options:
  --help           -h Display this help message
  --quiet          -q Do not output any message
  --verbose        -v|vv|vvv Increase the verbosity of messages
  --version        -V Display this application version
  --yes            -y Answer "yes" to all prompts
  --no             -n Answer "no" to all prompts
  --shell          -s Launch the shell

Available commands:
  docs                                      Open the online documentation
  help                                      Displays help for a command
  list                                      Lists commands
  login                                     Log in to
  logout                                    Log out of
  self-update (up)                          Update the CLI to the latest version
  web                                       Open the Web UI
  activity:list (activities)                Get the most recent activities for an environment
  activity:log                              Display the log for an environment activity
  domain:add                                Add a new domain to the project
  domain:delete                             Delete a domain from the project
  domain:list (domains)                     Get a list of all domains
  environment:activate                      Activate an environment
  environment:branch (branch)               Branch an environment
  environment:checkout (checkout)           Check out an environment
  environment:delete                        Delete an environment
  environment:drush (drush)                 Run a drush command on the remote environment
  environment:http-access (httpaccess)      Update HTTP access settings for an environment
  environment:list (environments)           Get a list of all environments
  environment:merge (merge)                 Merge an environment
  environment:metadata                      Read or set metadata for an environment
  environment:relationships (relationships) List an environment's relationships
  environment:routes (routes)               List an environment's routes
  environment:set-remote                    Set the remote environment to track for a branch
  environment:sql (sql)                     Run SQL on the remote database
  environment:sql-dump (sql-dump)           Create a local dump of the remote database
  environment:ssh (ssh)                     SSH to the current environment
  environment:synchronize (sync)            Synchronize an environment
  environment:url (url)                     Get the public URL of an environment
  integration:add                           Add an integration to the project
  integration:delete                        Delete an integration from a project
  integration:get (integrations)            View project integration(s)
  integration:update                        Update an integration
  local:build (build)                       Build the current project locally
  local:clean (clean)                       Remove old project builds
  local:drush-aliases (drush-aliases)       Find the project's Drush aliases
  local:init (init)                         Create a local project file structure from a Git repository
  project:delete                            Delete a project
  project:get (get)                         Clone and build a project locally
  project:list (projects)                   Get a list of all active projects
  project:metadata                          Read or set metadata for a project
  snapshot:create                           Make a snapshot of an environment
  snapshot:list (snapshots)                 List available snapshots of an environment
  snapshot:restore                          Restore an environment snapshot
  ssh-key:add                               Add a new SSH key
  ssh-key:delete                            Delete an SSH key
  ssh-key:list (ssh-keys)                   Get a list of SSH keys in your account
  user:add                                  Add a user to the project
  user:delete                               Delete a user
  user:list (users)                         List project users
  user:role                                 View or change a user's role
  variable:delete                           Delete a variable from an environment
  variable:get (variables, vget)            Get a variable for an environment
  variable:set (vset)                       Set a variable for an environment

Known issues


The CLI caches details of your projects and their environments. These caches could become out-of-date. You can get a fresh list of projects or environments with the platform projects and platform environments commands.


You can configure the CLI via these environment variables:

  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_API_TOKEN: an API token to use for all requests
  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_DEBUG: set to 1 to enable cURL debugging
  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_DISABLE_CACHE: set to 1 to disable caching
  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_DRUSH: configure the Drush executable to use (default 'drush')
  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_ENVIRONMENTS_TTL: the cache TTL for environments, in seconds (default 600)
  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_PROJECTS_TTL: the cache TTL for projects, in seconds (default 3600)
  • PLATFORMSH_CLI_SESSION_ID: change user (default 'default')
  • http_proxy or https_proxy: specify a proxy for connecting to