Allows to send out full HTML mails / notifications

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Send out full HTML mails to your users


  • Send out full HTML notifications to your users (also supported by webmail like GMail)
    • can be toggle in the admin settings
    • to customise it for your own theme overrule the view default/html_email_handler/notification/body.php
  • Offers mail function for developers html_email_handler_send_email()
    • see /lib/functions.php for more information
  • Offers CSS conversion to inline CSS (needed for webmail support) html_email_handler_css_inliner($html_text)
    • see lib/functions.php for more information
  • Allows file attachments support in notify_user (see File attachments support below)

Administrators, Developers & Designers

If you have the developers plugin enabled you can easily design the layout of your HTML message, check the Theming sandbox.
Otherwise you can go to the test url to design the layout.

File attachements notes and documentation

File attachments support :

If you wish to add file attachments to email notifications, you can use the notify_user function and pass it an "attachments" key, with $params['attachments'] :

	$attachments[] = array(
		'content' => $file_content, // File content
		//'filepath' => $file_content, // Alternate file path for file content retrieval
		'filename' => $file_content, // Attachment file name
		'mimetype' => $file_content, // MIME type of attachment

Note that $attachments is an array, so you can pass several files at once, each with a custom filename and MIME type.

Warning: don't use 'filepath' setting on a production site (not functional yet)