Packages from codingms

  • codingms/access-keys

    Access-Keys/Shortcuts for TYPO3 Backend

  • codingms/ace-editor

    ACE editor for file list

  • codingms/additional-tca

    Additional TCA fields and tools

  • codingms/address-manager

    Manages and displays address and person records. Comes with three kinds of categories (groups, organisations and positions) with frontend filtering and fulltext search. Includes Google Maps and SEO support. There is also a pro version available. (Personenverzeichnis, Personendatenbank, Mitarbeiterverzeichnis, Filialfinder, Umkreissuche, Standortuebersicht, radial search, radius search)

  • codingms/amp

    TYPO3 - AMP

  • codingms/commands

    Commands for the TYPO3 Scheduler and command line

  • codingms/fluid-form

    Forms configured only by TypoScript

  • codingms/fluid-fpdf

    TYPO3 - Fluid-FPDF

  • codingms/fullscreen

    This extension adds a fullscreen button to the toolbar.

  • codingms/geo-location

    Converts Addresses into Geo-Locations by Google-Maps API. Saving this Geo-Locations in an own Database for prevent converting this again and again. Useful for extensions which needs such a Address to Geo-Coordinates service.

  • codingms/glossaries

    Glossary Extension for TYPO3

  • codingms/job-finder

    Job finder extension including job listing, details, application, microdata and more.

  • codingms/modules

    Modules - Little helper for creating frontend and backend modules in TYPO3

  • codingms/parsedown-extra

    Parsedown Extra - Markdown

  • codingms/poll

    Create polls/surveys/Umfragen in TYPO3. Multiple question types and answer layouts. There is also a PRO version available which adds custom user answers and more. (Umfrage, Poll, Opinion, Vote, SimplePoll)

  • codingms/portfolios

    Portfolios TYPO3-Extension for displaying portfolios and references

  • codingms/questions

    Questions - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • codingms/rss-app

    This Plugin enables you to display RSS.App feeds (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more) in TYPO3 - more information on

  • codingms/schedulermonitor

    Monitors TYPO3 scheduler tasks and send an email if a task has failed or is running too long.

  • codingms/schema-org

    Adds information into your site.

  • codingms/shop

    Simple Shop for TYPO3 incl. PayPal, PayPal-Plus, Klarna, Stripe, Bookmarks, UPS-API, Invoice generation, backend module, compare feature, graduated prices and many more - note there is a Pro version as well!

  • codingms/view-statistics

    Logs frontend actions and display them in a backend module. Track page views, News, Downloads and custom objects. Optionally tracks frontend user logins and login durations. Alternative extension for Google-Analytics, Matomo, Piwik - this extension does not use any cookies! By default it does not track any personal data like IP address or even the user agent (though this can be activated optionally).