A Cloud Foundry service broker made for Cloud Foundry

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Php project for creating service brokers compatible with Open Service Broker API.

This project for example can be used to quickly implement new service brokers for Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry.


Quick start

  1. Clone this repo or use composer create-project cloudfoundry-community/php-cf-service-broker

  2. Add your service inside /config/services.json (remove example first)

  3. Create a user by doing this in command line: php bin/addUser.php [user_name] [password]

  4. (optional) Change configuration inside /config/config.yml

  5. Create the logic inside /src/Sphring/MicroWebFramework/ServiceBroker/DefaultServiceBroker.php (I suggest to see the doc, no need to follow rest url project handle it)

  6. Register your new service broker

  7. Service broker is ready and follow rest url given by the doc



See /config/config.yml.


By default this project use an sqlite database, change to another database by modifying this file: /config/doctrine-driver.yml

Adjust logging

See app/app.php.

By default this application logs only warnings to stdout.

To enable logging to file you can uncomment $logger->pushHandler line.

To adjust log level you can change \Monolog\Logger::* value. For example, to set logging level to debug you can set the value to \Monolog\Logger::DEBUG. See Monolog logger source code for details.

Add more service broker

You can add an infinity of service broker to do this follow these steps:

  • Add another service inside /config/services.json
  • Create a new service broker class and extend Sphring\MicroWebFramework\ServiceBroker\AbstractServiceBroker
  • Register your new broker by adding entry in /sphring/service-broker.yml like this:[your broker name]:
         class: Sphring\MicroWebFramework\ServiceBroker\[your broker class name]
  • Add in this same file a new entry in, example:
      class: \ArrayObject
              [service name from services.json]:[your broker name]
  • Unvalidate cache by doing in command line touch sphring/main.yml or set cache to false inside /config/config.yml
  • Your new service broker is available

Run as a Cloud Foundry app

  1. Create a database service which his name follow this regex: /.*(postgres|pgsql|db|database|my|maria|oracle|oci).*/i (note: add in composer.json other pdo driver than pdo_mysql)
  2. Push the app (run cf push)
  3. Bind your database service on your app
  4. Restage your app
  5. Service broker app is ready try go to http://your_url/v2/catalog you should see your catalog

Development environment

Router for PHP embedded web server

cd app
php -S ../config/routes/router.php


Tests use PHPUnit. Run with your command line: vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap tests\bootstrap.php --no-configuration tests

Add a service to test

  1. Update services.json inside tests configuration directory.
  2. Update service-broker.yml inside tests configuration directory.
  3. Run vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap tests\bootstrap.php --no-configuration tests

See also

Open Service Broker API:

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