Modern code coverage analysis library


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Cloak is a library that takes a code coverage.
This library works with PHP5.5 or more.


  • xdebug >= 2.2.2


  1. Install the composer.

  2. Install the cloak.

     composer require cloak/cloak --dev

How to use

Setup for the report of code coverage

Setup is required to take a code coverage.
You can use the ConfigurationBuilder, and to apply the settings to the analyzer.


use cloak\CoverageAnalyzer;
use cloak\configuration\ConfigurationBuilder;

$builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();

$analyzer = new CoverageAnalyzer( $builder->build() );

Take the code coverage

Run the start / stop at the place where want to take the code coverage.
After you can get the report, you need to run the getResult method.


//I write code here want to take code coverage


$files = $analyzer->getResult()->getFiles();

foreach ($files as $file) {
    $result = sprintf("%s > %6.2f%% (%d/%d)",
    echo $result . "\n";

Support multiple reporter

You can use at the same time more than one reporter.
Reporter that are supported by default are as follows.

  • TextReporter
  • ProcessingTimeReporter
  • LcovReporter
  • MarkdownReporter
  • TreeReporter

Usage is as follows.

$reporter = new CompositeReporter([
	new TextReporter(),
	new ProcessingTimeReporter()

$builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();

$analyzer = new CoverageAnalyzer( $builder->build() );

Result of the output

Code Coverage Started: 1 July 2014 at 12:00

100.00% (19/19) src/Analyzer.php
100.00% (27/27) src/Reporter/TextReporter.php
 85.71% ( 6/ 7) src/Reporter/Reportable.php
 81.25% (13/16) src/Configuration.php
 58.33% (14/24) src/ConfigurationBuilder.php

Code Coverage: 96.70%
Code Coverage Finished in 1.44294 seconds

Configuration file

If you use the configuration file, you can code simple.

use cloak\CoverageAnalyzer;
use cloak\configuration\ConfigurationLoader;

$loader = new ConfigurationLoader();
$configuration = $loader->loadConfiguration('cloak.toml');

$analyzer = new CoverageAnalyzer($configuration);


Other documents

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