Event driven BDD test framework for PHP 7.1+

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The highly extensible, highly enjoyable, PHP testing framework.

Read more at or head over to the wiki.

Building PHAR

Peridot's phar is built using Box. Once box is installed, the phar can be built using the following command from the project directory:

box build

Generating Peridot's documentation

Peridot API documentation is generated using apigen. Once apigen is installed, run the following command from the project directory:

apigen generate

This will output documentation to the docs/ directory.

Running Peridot's tests

Peridot's test suite can be run using Peridot:

$ bin/peridot

And a sample of output:

Peridot output sample


We use Robo for releases.

robo release [version] [site-path]

using assert for expectations

Peridot sets ASSERT_CALLBACK via assert_options in order to throw exceptions when using the native assert function. Peridot specs are considered passing if they don't throw an exception; if you are using assert for expectations and you find your specs are triggering false positives, you may need to update zend.assertions to 1 in your php.ini. This is set to -1 by default in PHP 7+

If you aren't too keen on using assert for testing, there are a ton of assertion/expectation libraries out there. Anything that throws exceptions in response to a failed assertion will do. The peridot-php org has authored Leo, and this library offers a richer assertion vocabulary for testing.