A simple migration tool for Fat-Free Framework

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Quick and simple migration tool for Fat-Free Framework.

Getting Started

  1. Install via Composer

    composer require chez14/f3-ilgar
  2. Decide your bombarding option

    • Do it with default configuration? Default settings:

      • Call /ilgar/migrate to do migration

      • Use Migration as your migration class namespace prefix

      • Migration packets placed in a Migration or migration folder in your project root folder.

      Then, just add this to your index.php file:

    • Do it with your own style and custom security?

      Just invoke \Chez14\Ilgar\Boot::trigger_on(); Anywhere at your controller. This will trigger migration process and returns quick stats.

  3. Create your first ever migration packet

  4. Deploy migration by accessing /ilgar/migrate

    curl http://localhost:8087/ilgar/migrate


    php index.php /ilgar/migrate

MigrationPacket Class Example

This file is available on your migration folder, located on your project root folder. Alternatively you can set the folder by setting ILGAR.path.

$this->f3->set('ILGAR.path', "new-folder/");

IMPORTANT! The file name should be formatted as "0-classname.php", where the 0 is any number (you can use just normal number 1-ClassName.php, or CI-style timestamp 180901012400-ClassName.php), seperated with single dash, and followed with your class name, either in lowercase, SnakeCase, or camelCase.

IMPORTANT! You need to extends \Chez14\Ilgar\MigrationPacket class. This will ensure required methods is always available and dependable.

Here's your file: 1-test01.php.

namespace Migration;

class Test01 extends \Chez14\Ilgar\MigrationPacket {
    public function on_migrate(){
        // Do your things here!
        // All the F3 object were loaded, F3 routines executed,
        // this will just like you doing things in your controller file.
        $f3 = \F3::instance(); //get the $f3 from here.
        echo "Hello from Test01 Migration package";

    public function on_failed(\Exception $e) {


MigrationPacket abstract class

It's just a normal class. With something that you need to implement:

  • on_migrate()
  • on_failed(\Exception $e)

Ilgar has 2 ability, bomb and self-destruct. Bomb means do the migration mission (on_migrate), self-destruct means when it failed do the mission it will use their remaining power to do suicide bombing, in this matter, it means rollback the migration mission (on_failed).

More convenient event-based functions (all of this is optional):

  • pre_migrate()

    Before the migration event. This might be useful if you want to prepare something first.

    Please check is_migratable if you want to wanted to do checks.

  • post_migrate()

    After migration event. This will be executed when the packet were successfully executed.

  • is_migratable()

    Validates current packet if it is applicable. This must return true in order to make this packet executed.

Quick Api for Ilgar

Ilgar's API is available on Chez14\Ilgar\Internal class. It's a \Prefab child class, do if you wanted to get it's instance, you can obtain the instance by calling Chez14\Ilgar\Internal::instance(). Aaanyway, here's the API list:


returns an int.

This integer represent current migration version point, declared by the filename.

Will load the version from migration.json.


returns void.

Will forcefully delete migration.json at designated path.


returns quick stats.

This will return current statistics with the migrations.

Quick Stats

Quick stats is a array, consisting:

$stats = [
    "success" => $counter, // how many migration executed
    "last_exception" => $failed, // last exception occured, this is an Exception object.
    "version" => $current // current version applied


Yes, GPLv3.

FAQ and RAQ (Rarely Asked Question)

Why naming it "Ilgar"?

Ilgar is a bombarding-type Trion Warrior. It's used by Aftocrator and Chion for invasion. Yes, it's meant to bombarding the database with migration packets.